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FAW Group

FAW is one of the most prominent car manufacturing companies, with a long history of more than 60 years of distinguished innovations in its field, and it is a Chinese state-owned car manufacturing company headquartered in Changchun, Jilin, China, established in 1953.

FAW is the first car manufacturer in China, which manufactured the Hongqi car in 1958 to be the first domestically produced passenger car. It is also currently producing trucks of all sizes, buses and auto parts.

FAW is one of the big four Chinese car manufacturing companies, with registered capital of 35.4 billion yuan and total assets of 457.83 billion yuan. Although it focuses on covering the local need, it is considered a major global player and achieves production records, as it produces nearly 3 million cars annually, exports to nearly 70 countries around the world, and its branches contain 120,000 employees.

FAW automobile factories and development and innovation centers are in 14 production bases distributed throughout China, in which the latest advanced technologies and the best production methods are used, and its effective management provides the best services to customers in terms of quality and advanced designs.    
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Bestune is owned by the FAW Automotive Company. It was officially launched on May 18, 2006. Its main activity is to manufacture high-quality cars that are aimed at users who wish to enjoy travel. Bestune cars include the latest technology, and it develops its products to continue to be at the forefront of the technical development of cars.

High technology and premium quality

Bestune's designs are distinguished by their merging of modern with classic designs and the production of attractive and luxurious cars. Bestune also provides its cars with the highest standards of safety using the latest technologies and follows the latest developments in energy to create modern cars that are appropriate to the needs of the moment.

Performance power

Bestune set a Guinness World Record for 100-hour endurance racing, and the Bestune T77 engine held another record at 5,500 rpm for 600 hours, and it was the first brand to achieve this record.

Car wins medals

The continuous development of the brand and its products led to the brand being distinguished from others, and winning many awards and privileges; The first was the CCTV2006 Automotive Award, and then it won more than 20 awards from major media, the most important of which are: Medium Car of the Year, Best Quality Model, and Best Performance Model, and its engines won the "Top Three Engines in the World" award.

Tahboub Automotive

It is the company that owns the exclusive distribution rights for Bestune cars in Jordan, and it is one of the divisions of the Tahboub Group that has been existing since 1955. Our showroom is located on Mecca Street, while our service center is located in the industrial area; It includes a body manufacturing workshop and a spare parts center.

Tahboub Automotive company Facilities provides great support to Bestune owners. Like original Bestune parts and fast and elaborate services, we strive to make a unique customer experience that meets his expectations and fits his trust in us. We also aim to achieve satisfaction by supporting our products with effective and consistent customer service.

  As for Tahboub Group; It is one of the leading trading companies that spread its activities in the Middle East region and has large interests in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq and Egypt, and it is headquartered in Jordan; and has been located here since 1977.

The head office of Tahboub Holding Group is located in Mecca Street, Amman – Jordan and includes all executive, administrative and support departments. Tahboub Group’s infrastructure resources include showrooms and workshops. The permanent facilities are located in the Wadi As-Seir – industrial zone in Amman and in the Airport Qualifying industrial zones.

Tahboub Group has always been striving to expand its field of operations and achieve the highest standards in its work performance over the past thirty years, Its efforts have resulted in a reputable position as a recognized company in all the industries in which it has worked, Thanks to its dedicated team and strong reputation.

Tahboub Group is considered one of the leading companies in the trading industry in Jordan, as it has expanded to become the only distributor for many international brands.

Tahboub Group has a full team of professional traders, skilled workers and highly experienced engineers. It also maintains a group of resources such as supporting equipment in its areas of operations, which contribute to meeting the requirements of project scheduling and services required for clients. These projects vary between commercial industrial projects and consumer products.