T99 Premium


T99 Premium

It is a medium-sized SUV that distinguishes itself from competitors of its class in terms of size and exterior design that gives it a luxurious feel. It comes with a wide range of driver-assisting technology. It is also equipped with a multifunctional front view camera system, In addition to the high-tech autonomous driving system to give the driver a comfortable driving experience equipped with smart interior technology with a 360-degree panoramic camera, everything that happens around the car is displayed on the screen throughout the driving time.

Exterior design

The new T99 embodies the 'light and shadow' design concept, Where the dark features of the car help highlight and define the light in it, giving it a more streamlined appearance. The front Interface features a wide, octagonal digital raindrop grille made up of 118 chrome-plated segments, suggesting an aggressive and sharp frontal image. On the other hand, the car comes with LED headlights and LED daytime running lights but with a distinctive vertical design, adding a luxury element to the overall exterior. Side by side with a streamlined front-to-rear line, the car appears massive. The SUV also presents a sporty character that can be recognized through the design of the connected taillights consisting of LED lights with the illuminated Bestune name and 20-inch wheels.

Interior Design

Once inside the cabin, you can notice the modern, wide and harmonic interior that offers high-quality luxury leather seats, wood trim on the doors, and a piano black touch on the steering wheel and front cabin. It is also equipped with a lot of impressive interior designs.

The performance


The T99 has a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with 224 horsepower. It also has a Macpherson front suspension and a Multilink rear suspension to give it strong cornering stability. In addition, the car has a 6-speed automatic transmission that makes the car quick and easy to maneuver.

Security and safety


T99 has the best levels of protection and safety, and is equipped with many safety systems such as a 360-degree camera, reversing radar, automatic unlocking after the collision, tire pressure monitoring system, adaptive cruise control with lane departure warning and many others, in addition to a set of front and side airbags in the event of any emergency on the road.